Simple Slip and Fall?

A couple months ago I went on a short vacation. The hotel that I stayed in was not the most maintained place, it was surprising that it has not fell down. On my way in to the lobby one morning, to check out of my room, one of the concrete steps broke while I was walking up the stairs. This caused me to fall and breaking my leg, since it was early in the morning no one saw me fall. This fall required me to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. Hours later when I was released, I had missed my return flight home.

When I finally made it home, I got the bill for my short stay in the hospital and I came to the conclusion that the hotel that I stayed at should have to pay for my injuries, since it is their fault that the step broke and that I broke my leg. So, the next day I called the hotel and talked to them about the incident, and they denied that it ever happened, and would be willing to compensate me for my broken leg.

After talking to some friend about what happened, they recommended me to find a personal injury lawyer. After searching around for one, I found the right one. The lawyer seemed to be interested in helping me with my issue. After coming up with a complete game plan, I was able to take the hotel to court, during which they denied my incident ever happened. But after reviewing the security camera footage, the court decided to award me a settlement. I got the settlement all thanks to the great lawyer that I found.

The best one I talked to came from Modesto Ca. This guy was ruthless. Which is not too fun to talk to, but he is a shark in the courtroom. And at the end of the day, that is what you want. Someone who will fight till they are bloody for you. And my modesto personal injury attorney did just that. 

He had a check in my hand faster than I thought the court system could go.