Chiropractic Help

Over the past ten years I’ve been suffering with Ankylosing spondylitis — that’s the scientific name for arthritis in the sacroiliac joints in my pelvis and hips joints. The pain was constant and would spread as far as my rib cage and even into my neck. Every day was pure misery. I would wake up feeling stiff and as soon as I’d get out of bed the pain would start. At first, I was able to continue my daily routine with the help of some Aleve or other over-the-counter pain medications. But gradually the pain got so bad that I was struggling just to get through my day.

My family and coworkers began to notice the agony on my face. My temper and patience got short and I started to snap at everyone around me. Slowly, life as I knew it ground to a halt. The pain was so bad that at times I had report off from work. More and more my life involved just sitting in my favorite chair, but that only made the problem worse. Soon I was losing my appetite and started to have trouble sleeping. Then I had to give up my favorite past time — fishing with my teenage son. Life for me had become nothing by pain.

My doctor prescribed pain medication and steroids but they created new problems. He prescribed Oxycodone, which came with a whole host of problems. Corticosteroid injections provided temporary relief, but the pain always came back. Finally, I got tired of feeling like a Zombie and constantly having to get injections in my back so I decided to try an entirely different route. I weaned myself off the oxycodone and made an appointment with a recommended chiropractor.

During the first appointment my chiropractor examined me and took some x-rays. After confirming the diagnosis, he told me that traditional spinal manipulation is too dangerous with ankylosing spondylitis. However, he did have some gentler techniques he could use to give me more mobility and less pain. We then began a six month process of rebuilding my life. First, he used specialized blocks to help my own body weight ease alignment in my spine and give me some relief. Then he began to teach me some stretching exercise to use in the morning to help promote smoother motion in my lower back and pelvis. Together we examined my diet and slowly built an exercise routine to help me strengthen supporting muscles in my core. Within a few weeks I was able to start walking longer distances and noticed considerably less pain.

After six months, I’ve finally started to regain my life. Now I’m able to go to work without being in constant pain. I’m sleeping better and my entire family says they can see the difference. Last weekend, I even went fishing with my son. Ankylosing spondylitis doesn’t have to stop you. Find a chiropractor in your area with experience treating this problem and get started reclaiming your life.

What To Look For

Last month I decided to move from my small house and relocate to an estate. The first step I took was to contact a real estate agent who could help me find a home for sale in Modesto. I decided to Google and get a real estate agent that was reliable and had good terms.

I managed to get a good agent who took me to several vacant houses so that I could choose the one I wanted. However, along the way I discovered that there are so many things we ignore when looking for a house and yet they are very important.

Let me share with you what I learned:

  • Always ensure that the house is in good condition. What I mean is that the doors, windows, switches, etc should all be functioning. Your security should be your priority.
  • Rent the houses that have emergency escape routes in case of any problem. Ensure that they also have fire extinguishers and other first aid necessities. I learned this through the hard way. You also do not need to worry about it being an eye sore if you decorate your room the right way.
  • Have you ever slept in a house then you hear noises coming from the neighbors’ house? I know it has happened to many people so ensure that you get a house where your comfort is a priority. After all, you are paying for it. Right?
  • The house I chose had unfinished paint and when I discussed with the landlord he assured me that it will be fixed. I waited for it to be painted in vain. I realized one thing; never rent a house that is half way done. The probability is that the landlord will never complete it.
  • In case you are living in a story building ensure that the floor and walls do not have cracks. The cracks may look small, but it is not good to risk.
  • Ensure that the house is not infected by bedbugs, cockroaches, and other creatures. I remember the house I chose had a lot of cockroaches and dealing with them was a tough task. Open the cabinets, wardrobes and counter check properly.
  • Many buildings do not have water yet the real agents will never disclose that. In case you turn the taps and they are dry, do not be convinced that the landlord is working on the issue. The probability is that you will have to look for other ways of getting water.





Simple Slip and Fall?

A couple months ago I went on a short vacation. The hotel that I stayed in was not the most maintained place, it was surprising that it has not fell down. On my way in to the lobby one morning, to check out of my room, one of the concrete steps broke while I was walking up the stairs. This caused me to fall and breaking my leg, since it was early in the morning no one saw me fall. This fall required me to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. Hours later when I was released, I had missed my return flight home.

When I finally made it home, I got the bill for my short stay in the hospital and I came to the conclusion that the hotel that I stayed at should have to pay for my injuries, since it is their fault that the step broke and that I broke my leg. So, the next day I called the hotel and talked to them about the incident, and they denied that it ever happened, and would be willing to compensate me for my broken leg.

After talking to some friend about what happened, they recommended me to find a personal injury lawyer. After searching around for one, I found the right one. The lawyer seemed to be interested in helping me with my issue. After coming up with a complete game plan, I was able to take the hotel to court, during which they denied my incident ever happened. But after reviewing the security camera footage, the court decided to award me a settlement. I got the settlement all thanks to the great lawyer that I found.

The best one I talked to came from Modesto Ca. This guy was ruthless. Which is not too fun to talk to, but he is a shark in the courtroom. And at the end of the day, that is what you want. Someone who will fight till they are bloody for you. And my modesto personal injury attorney did just that. 

He had a check in my hand faster than I thought the court system could go.